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Tell the Albany politicians that we want our STAR Property Tax Rebate Checks this year! Sign the online petition and make your voice heard.

There’s Something Missing From Your Mailbox
For the last three years, families throughout New York State have received STAR Property Tax Rebate Checks to provide relief from soaring property taxes. Averaging $450, these checks were mailed to hardworking families and citizens during September and October to help them pay their property tax bills.

This year, Governor Paterson and the New York City-dominated State Legislature took away our STAR Property Tax Rebate Checks and went on an $11 billion spending spree with our money.

With our economy reeling and property tax bills climbing even higher, hardworking families need relief more than ever!

How Much Should I Have Received?
Statewide, the average STAR Property Tax Rebate Check was $450.

To view the amount of your 2008 STAR Rebate Check and the date you received it, please visit http://www.tax.state.ny.us/star/2008/.

The rebate amounts varied, based upon the tax rate in your local school district, and, this year, the amount of each check was scheduled to grow even higher.

Here’s a chart with examples from around the state of the STAR Rebate Check amounts received by families 2008 and what they were scheduled to receive this year—until our rebate checks were taken away from us.

County School District 2008 (actual) 2009 (scheduled)
St. Lawrence Ogdensburg $387.87 $457
Onondaga East Syracuse-Minoa $450.47 $527
Erie Cheektowaga $321.85 $374
Nassau Mineola $497.40 $580
Suffolk East Islip $638.53 $743
Westchester Mount Pleasant $930.20 $1083

What can we do?

Sign the petition below and add your name to the growing number of New Yorkers who are telling the politicians in Albany that we want our STAR Property Tax Rebate Checks back!

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